Wednesday, September 28, 2011

it's september, already
another one month and it'l be 2yrs of works
and another 2months (hopefully) i'm out of this crazy housemanship duties..

urm.. Insight- i've been driving > 6693km so far, (dat was last time i filled the tank)it's TBC 2802, pearl white in color. 've nowhere yet except around kuala terengganu and few trips home to krai. 3more months to go- i wish the e.a.s.t.c.o.a.s.t trip will be a real thing, if not within this year, be it next year also will be just fine
6months already but yet, so much things i've got to do with my beloved baby- the only this i've done it just got it tinted and not more than that. it'll need some further touch-up, service and others that i don't know how and when and where and even what. got zero knowledge regarding motors , hoho..

2. my home; erm...currently back to my-student time- just like kak yati said it to me.. haha.. i'm livin' solo again, unintentionally -okay. my housemate moved out last ramadhan to stay together with her sister and i havent yet searching for mew housemate (i will not, actually) or looking for new home (probably)

3. my saving ? haha. this part is very dissappointing - i dunno if i even able to save a cent hahaha- dont ask me!

4. my frends-
safiyah- 24th sept jus give birth to a 2.7kg baby boy (haven't say congrates yet huuhu)
fadhilah married since long time and now-and her baby girl
dayah is now married
aliaa ? probably due (dunno when heheh)
zulek- havent heard from her yet
kak yati still solo
me and my solo-ness :)

5. my next want to be place is this weird place in terengganu called bukit bauk, it's somewhere in dungun.(i havent been anywhere- really) not even the famous masjid terapung whish is not more than 2minutes away form my home hahah- sooooo bad!
it's probably a good place to stretch my long -time no-use mucles . nearly one hour to the top, sound like a good place for retreat. i'm looking for companion, though. it's not a good idea going hiking alone - scary me lool.

6. see you next entry okey..