Thursday, March 24, 2011

it's a whole new day

once again,
i saw the C'EST LA VIE thing in my notebook, that suddenly reminds me back about this blog hehehe.. kesian sungguh blog ku yang terabai ini huhu

it's march 2011 already
mai berfikir jap

the facts that i
1-work for 1yr 5month already

loooo.. so cepat mase berlalu
can't make the time stop though

2 what's new?
nothing much.
hermmmmmm.. i'm 27, las tyr i was 26 lol
i'm still single yahaha..; no change
haven't seen my speech theraphist yet
i moved out from the quarters already
i drive my kancil everyday to work for almost 1month now
i got i saman already hahaha
i got myself covered with insurance
i guess no big changes
but others around me, they do
my sis noni, is pregnant again, 2nd baby
my sis lah, is gettign divorced
my brother di, is busy with his 2nd baby boy and new cheryl and new home

3 this 2011 new year resolution
-east coast trip : after i dapat my INISIGHT, insyaAllah nak bederat abis2:)
-saving >rm6000 : whoaaa..which means rm500/mo, so difficult but yet i'l try.,. duwet already cikup2 maaa. nasib ade claim oncall ja neh
-MRCP part 1 : haven't planed yet . actually was induced by seeing my collegue studying for MRCP, plus the feeling of studying have been long gone hahhaaha..rindu that feeling..skang aku x stady pom haha..
-better realtionship with my parent: actually dunno how much better things will be, but then, since i/ve home in past 1y and half, things have been NOT so good lah.perhaps better means a BIT better(am i rambling?) no need to understand, though.

so far, no resolution regarding this blog hehehe.
i'll keep this updated, once in a while.


it's a whole new day!