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penang trip 2010

Penang trip 29-31 july 2010

Finally this trip comes into reality after almost one year of really wanting to go there (I had promised sarah to give her a visit since I’m home last year!) thanks to Allah, I had this opportunity.
Peluang untuk menjejak kaki ke tanah pinang.

So I had been there for 3 days.
3 good days

Some little notes about this trip
Overall, my budget
-rm 100 for 2 way bus ticket from kuala terengganu to penang.
-rm 100 for makan2
-and I am lucky to have sarah, providing me free place to stay, plus most of transport right there.
So that makes total of rm200 for the basic things
And as this is what sarah call ‘my shopping trip’ I spent nearly rm400 for clothes, nearly rm100 for books, and rm 820 for a new handphone hahaha. As long as if u are not planning to do quite a shopping, then basically this trip cost me rm200..whoaaa!!

So, this shopping trip start..
28 july /9.00pm
I took my bus from hentian bas kuala terengganu (thanks to tikah, she sent me there from our hostel, ehehe..) SP Bumi is quite punctual, we departed at 9.01pm. I got a comfy one seat kerusi, and most importantly no one sebelah to talk to..haha. (my biggest problem is when i have someone to talk to beside me lol), so I sleep like a baby.
We stopped at somewhere I didn’t know J at 12midnight for prayer, and finally sg nibong, I am here! At around 5.30am.
Sg nibong bus station is acceptably acceptable- clean toilet, surau is clean. I do subuh prayer while waiting for sarah to pick me up.

29 july
finally I met my long-missed buddy- sarah! After quick hug, she drove us for breakfast. 3 of us, had tosai, something like a lempeng makan cicah dengan kuah2 curry and other kuah’s. plus roti bakar cicah telur masak separuh- sedappp!

7.30 welcome to my home –said sarah. Me and her did some long qadha tidor till noon hahaha..

2.00 pm after prayer , sarah bawak aku makan the famous nasi kandar in town NASI KANDAR LINE CLEAR at penang street. Tasted almost all the lauks, ayam sotong daging sayor seme I amik satu set haha..< kenduri sakan nampak> as sarah’s nye abang said :)hehehe that cost us nearly rm20 for three. That makes me kekenyangan for almost the whole day hahah..After that, we stopped for a while at pasar chowrasta – a must go shop for that famous penang’s jeruk(or else u will get that very same jeruk at higher prices). I borong 5kg for rm30.

Then sarah drove me to some sea side around there.. had some girl-to-girl talk hehe, sambil minum air kelapa tepi pantai and making some ridiculous guess about prices for new lot of bungalows right there.(which later we knew ‘s 4 juta rm ) loll..

5.00 to queensbay.. u know what people did at a shopping mall, yea! I got myself some clothes, plus books. and One nice thing sarah suggested and I like is the TAKO TAO> something like fishball. Made mixed of potatoes, campur some kind of flour which has isi2- u can choose nak isi apa. I tried the sotong one.cost rm 4.30 for 3balls but worth to try lots of cheese and so creamy!.prayer room there was spacy but no aircond huhu..

7.00 back home. Do our prayer, the off to Jawi > my brother’s home

9.30 jawi I;m here.. have our dinner kat kedai around there, cost me less than rm20 for 3person. and at home makan some durian- really this is my first durian for this season-haven’t ate yet lolll! Slept at nearly one o’clock and dozed off till morning.

30 july
get ready to off while my brother, khadhir get ready to get to work, as well as kak ida. We off at almost same time. me and sarah back to island, them –to work.
Along the way, got very sleepy and yahahaha…lambatnye sampai! Plus morning is not a good time to cross the penang bridge loll…the traffic was heavy and slow.
But then, at last we’re home again, after stopped for take away breakfast kat warung tepi jalan near our flat. It’s really cheap, rice with any lauk cost me not more than rm5 for two. And after breakfast, we dooooooozeed off again until almost noon yahaha..
And today’s plan is to get me my new handphone, so at

2pm we off again to bukit jambul.The best place to get you a phone- full selection of options are there. But before that we went for lunch at GIANT bayan baru for this particular sizzling mee that sarah love very much, this cost less than rm10 for two.what a cheap place to stay-I thought! And there we had moist choc cake for rm5, purely chocolate- even it was only a small piece, we’re totally puas hati. Then did some shopping there- sarah got her baju raya here..i got some piece of clothes too

6.30 after prayer , we’re off to bukit jambul.
Thanks Allah, the very first handphone shop I had my sit, I dah nampak hp yang I berkenan so I just grab one. (so easyy) or else I know it will be very very difficult andat last I don’t want to buy is sony ericson. It wasn’t the latest ones but the only spec that I was looking for is a good hp for a cam. This thing I bought has cam with 5 MP. That’s enough already.
Then comes the other part of shopping. And I got jelous with sarah bcoz she already jumpa her baju raya, so I was quite bersunguh to look for my baju raya too, and finally I got my baju raya here lollll….and then we stopped by at kamdar just beside , and sarah got some kain2 for her other bajuraya.
9.00 had dinner at ?(lupe dahh heheh) nasi beriani and ayam tandoori. Makan sampai kekenyangan. Cost around rm16 for two.

10.00 ‘twas rainy rintik2 and we head off to padang kota lama and had lepak2 dalam hujan rintik2 sambil makan cake and minum air and makan kacang rebus di tepi laut until we felt quite wet and runny nose so we head off –home. Esok pulak!
But then aqma- sarah’s sister brought us home a pizza- so we’re having pizza at like 1am in the morning sambil2 I try to explore my newly bought hp haha..tidor dalam kekenyangan, alhamdulillah.

31 july
My last day here
Today’s plan is to batu feringghi by bus. Since the first day I told sarah I wanted to naik that rapid penang and today is the time.
We’re off at like after zohor time and go for lunch first at jln sri pinang, one more time I said it aloud to myself, what a cheap place to eat- rm3 for a plate(actually depend on what kind of lauk did u pick, of course) – no where to get in kuala terenngganu (I think so), rm1 for a glass.initially nak naik motor to komtar then take bus from there, but then it’s rainy so we decided to go by bus from home.
So we hop on bus from home to jetty (weld quay)- cost me rm1 then from there we take bus 101 to batu feringgi, costing rm2.70 per person.
Reach there at around 3pm, walk along the beach and snap some photo with ‘my newly bought handphone” looolll..and watching people riding that ski boat and banana thing, and most fascinating one is the parachute thing- I’m just to scary to try any hehehe.. makin besar makin penakut hahaha.
Around 6pm we take bus back home to komtar. Stopped by at near komtar and sempat lagi samabr baju and sluars selai dua lagi hehehe.. and do our prayer there then back home.
Home at nearly 8
So aku kelam kabutlah take bath and do my prayer and rush to sg nibong bus station to catch my bus at 9.00pm

Departed at 9.05pm
Bye penang!
Hope to be here again J

That’s about technical things..where I’ve been, what I’ve done.. but there’s lots of things or what I call- eye opener sights, is all I’m looking for. Especially during my last day- with public transport I know more about different economical classes in this crowded community. To delicate to be expressed in word, but that is the thing that makes my trip most memorable.


Thousand of thanks to
Sarah- the person who makes this trip real for me, thanks a lot!
Abg khadhir- i’m looking forward to stay at your home nx time I ‘ll be there
Kak ida- thanks for the durian J
Aqma- thanks for that delicious pizza!
Che azhar- thanks for everything, I can’t find the right word to say.. but then, if it wasn’t you, maybe I was to cancelled my trip from the beginning, whoaaa!!.

Dah rindu penang !

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Semalam majlis graduasi kami. seakan mimpi yang benar. Duduk sebaris dengan teman-teman di tengah stadium universiti. di tengah-tengah sorakan dan tepukan dan jeritan dan that pon pon and kompang and that nenek2 kampung punye special form of sorak(always my fav).Sama tepuk tangan, happy. hampir-hampir (tapi tak) turut panjat kerusi teruja dengan kawan-kawan. naik pentas, saw Dr Wajih smiling while handling me the t.h.i.n.g and  heard him said; mabruk.

And afterward, adik bertanya; 
”kak, apa perasaan?”

Saya kira tak ada perkataan yang mampu benar-benar menjawab soalan dia. saya cuma menjawab; 
”one day u’ll know when YOU sit t.h.e.r.e.”

Senyum berkuntum. ”insya Allah, kak”

::Graduating~ a common dream of every student::
Yang indah tak kan datang bergolek, unless you are born under lucky star (like omputih said). Aristotle Law of Causality is a good thing to know  what to expect under a given situation (although that is not always true). Bagi sikit masa untuk belajar, korbankan sikit tidur, sikit itu dan sikit ini, anda akan dapat sikit. bagi lebih untuk itu dan ini, anda akan dapat lebih. 

Give, generously. give more and u’ll get more. kadang-kadang kita terasa susah, tapi yang susah itulah harganya untuk dapat apa yang kita nak. Good things always come with GOOD price. tak sanggup? macamana kita tak sanggup beli beg L.V.  (ending up with beg lambak tepi Rialto Bridge), macam tu jugaklah, kamu tak sanggup BAGI lebih untuk dapat grad dengan mumtaz, which is, of course super-duper difficult unless kamu sanggup bagi itu ini itu ini.. (ending up dengan result lambak, too)

Setiap orang ada potensi diri masing-masing. kamu, juga.
Saya percaya, kamu masing-masing ada pengalaman dalam dunia belajar masing-masing. kamu tahu jika kamu berusaha takat ini biasanya kamu akan dapat result setinggi ini, and kalau berusaha takat itu kamu akan dapat result sebaik itu. kamu tahu apa yang kamu selalu BAGI. dan kamu tahu apa yang kamu selau DAPAT sebagai hasil. 
 ‘give what you always give, u’ll get what u always get’
So, my advice is; be ready to give more if you expect more.

::2:the open secret::
Tak siapa yang tak tahu,kalau nak result tinggi mesti jawab exam dengan elok. tak siapa yang tak tahu, nak jawab exam dengan elok mesti well-prepared. tak siapa tak tahu macamana nak jd student yang well-prepared. tak siapa yang tak tahu pasal attitude of good student; be prepared before the class, attend class early, respect teachers, participate well, have good notes, then ulangkaji balik in time, and baca balik before exam. saya tak perlu tulis lagi pasal itu semua, kamu dah tahu.
The only thing is, how much yang kamu SANGGUP bagi?

:: some basic tips::
1. know yourself. 
first and hardest of all things. cakap mudah tapi nak buat payah. know your strength, use it. know your weakness, accept it and improve it. know your opportunities, use it. 

2. have your own target, and work for it.
Be practical and sensible, otherwise it will demoralize oneself (i believe so).

3. create a study pattern that fits you.
For the best result, kamu better create (and follow) your own study pattern yang ’sesuai dengan jiwa’. ini namanya study smart. jangan buat kerja bodoh perabih masa anda meniru cara orang lain belajar tapi tak masuk otak. contoh bagi yang kene ada jadual belajar baru dia belajar, BUAT jadual belajar. Yang memang allergic ngan jadual belajar, jangan menggatal nak buat jadual belajar. Yang boleh mengadap buku 4-5jam, boleh ngadap. yang boleh ngadap 15minit then kne tido, then ngadap and tido. Yang penting, target boleh tercapai.

::my personal tips::

Tak siapa kata belajar mende mudah. yang pentingnya, jangan putus asa. setiap kali kamu jatuh, kamu boleh bangkit lagi. mesti belajar terima kelemahan diri and don’t be demoralize by it.  mula di mana kamu berada, dengan apa yang kamu ada. 

Have good notes. Provided that you have a good one (and you read it and always read it), it always help you to score higher in exam questions in which details are in concern, eg. MCQs.

Study a lot OR Pay attention in lectures, seminars and round.
Lectures and seminars are the best places to grab things. pay attention, they help a lot in cutting your study time. Otherwise,  memang kamu kena study a lot (meaning really a lot) 
And you may hate rounds because of its seemingly random questions, but real life situations &exam questions are just as random.
Or best of all; study a lot, AND pay attention. 

Untuk clinical years, belajar dari patient as much as you learn from doctors. jangan miss amik history &follow patient (walaupun rasa b.o.r.i.n.g ngan history/ physical exam bla bla), di situ kamu belajar sangat-sangat banyak menda. belajar dari siapa saja. Tanya. pastu tanya lagi dan lagi. Jangan malu time belajar atau kamu akan miss sangat banyak menda. Sangat-sangat rugi. Sangat-sangat. Dalam OT jangan duk tercegat menengok saja. tanya surgoen tu apa dia tengah buat. kalau tak tahu sangat nk tanya apa, tanya basic things, eg, apa nama operation ni, apa nama insicion ni, kau pakai jarum& benang apa, ini jahitan apa, ini yang kau pegang ni nama apa, yang kau potong tadi tu apa, yang kau klip tu apa, bla2.. kat clinic pun tanya. kat round pun tanya. tanya kalau tak tahu. kalau tak tau nk tanya ke tak nak tanya,  my answer is always: tanya, jgn tak tanya.

Have your own ’relief system’ bila kamu tensen. (lain lah kalau- kalau kamu tak pernah tensen :P  -so unlikely). Go physical-  hang out, walk, jog, swim, hike, travel, football, futsal, a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g you like. Write, read, anything. Go spiritual- qiam is always a good thing. have your own system, don’t just dwell in it.

Last one to mention but the most important one; kuatkan habl min Allah. Jadikan Allah sebagai tujuan kita menuntut ilmu, moga-moga ia membawa kita mengenal Allah dan lebih dekat pada redhaNya. Tuntutlah ilmu sebagai ibadat. Jaga diri daripada dosa. Yang besar, yang kecil-kecil, jaga semuanya, semampunya. Moga Allah tak hijabkan kita daripada dapat ilmu sebab banyak dosa. Contohi kesungguhan ulama’ dulu-dulu dalam mencari ilmu, semampunya. Jaga hubungan dengan teman-teman. Ringankan tangan menolong, dan maafkan silap-salah mereka. Jangan disimpan rasa yang benci atau yang tak suka. Untuk akhirnya, kata-kata Imam Syafie untuk kita;

-tidak akan dapat ilmu kecuali dengan 6 perkara: kecerdikan, berkehendak, kesabaran, penyampai, tunjuk ajar, keberterusan sepanjang zaman- 
imam syafie

jangan dilupa.

::berjuang mesti terus::



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2nd project- neuroblastoma

Prenatally diagnosed neuroblastomas have been reported in increasing numbers over the past several years, and there are now a few reviews based on up to 21 cases. The purpose of this article is to review the clinical and biologic features of prenatally diagnosed neuroblastoma based on a review of 55 cases.

A review was conducted of 3 cases seen at the study institution and 52 other cases reported thus far in the literature.

Prenatal diagnosis was made usually after 32 weeks of gestation. Approximately 93% of the tumors were adrenal in origin, and 44% of these were cystic. Thirty-seven patients (67%) had Stage I disease, 12 (22%) had Stage IV-S disease, and only 3 (5%) had Stage IV disease. The DNA index was favorable (>1) in 14 of 16 patients studied. None of these 16 patients studied had amplification of the N-myc oncogene. Catecholamines were elevated in only 33% of the patients. The liver was the most common site of dissemination, which was observed in 25% of patients; bone involvement was not observed in any patient. Ultrasonography failed to detect existing hepatic metastasis in three patients. Primary surgical resection was performed in 47 patients (85%). Chemotherapy was given to five patients and radiotherapy to three. Of the 50 patients for whom follow-up information was available, 45 (90%) were alive at a range of 2-120 months from diagnosis.

Prenatally diagnosed neuroblastomas are predominantly adrenal in origin and frequently cystic. The liver is the most common site of dissemination and bone involvement is notably absent. The vast majority of these infants have a favorable stage of disease (I, II, and IV-S) and favorable biologic features, and consequently have an excellent prognosis. Although surgery alone is curative for most patients, a period of observation may avoid surgery in some individuals who may achieve spontaneous regression.

Cancer 1997; 80:304-10. © 1997 American Cancer Society.
::changing title::

nearly 3month lready
feel like walking on the air
i'm flotin'